My Bandera Trip Day 3

We ( Randy & Te-Ann, Bobbie and Sherri ) had breakfast at the River Oaks Inn & Restaurant. Our Breakfast yesterday at OST Restaurant was much better than today, but it was good.
We headed North out of Bandera on Highway 173 to Elm Pass. Elm Pass is a great road to Center Point Texas.
Our first stop was Dave’s Place ( Map ) in Center Point Texas. This is a must stop, just to kick back and soak in the river view and look around at some of the amazing stuff there. I heard they had some pretty good food, but it was to early for that while we were there.
We jumped on to highway 27 and headed East from Center Point. At Comfort Texas, we turned Right on Ranch Road 472 and continued on to Old Highway 9.


On the map Old Highway 9 also show it as Old San Antonio Road, I do not think it is the same highway as “El Camino Real” or “Kings Highway”, seem a little confusing. It also showed it as Old Fred Road, and I’m sure it got that name because it takes you towards Fredericksburg, Texas. Anyway, Old Highway 9 is a great ride and since you are on it don’t miss the Bat Tunnel and Alamo Springs Cafe, we stopped at both places.
After a long wait for our burgers at Alamo Springs Cafe ( Which were great ) we headed over to Luckenbach, Texas using Grape Town Road. By the way, Waylon and Willie were not there.
We had a short stay in Luckenbach and jumped on Ranch Road 1376 to Highway 290 through Fredericksburg, Texas and turned South on Highway 16.
Just South of Fredericksburg We turned left on Ranch Road 2093, when we reached Ranch Road 783 we turned left and headed South. Ranch Road 783 was well worth the time.
We stopped in Kerrville, Texas for a quick break and to discuss if we were going down to the Apple Store on Highway 16 before they closed at 5:00 PM or take the roads South of Ingram, Texas. The Apple Store won!
I love Highway 16 in between Fredericksburg and Medina Texas, it’s a great ride with some great switchback.
We made it to the Apple Store with five minutes to spare for some Apple Ice Cream and Apple Turnovers. We continued on Highway 16 to Mansfield Park in Bandera. We spent the rest of the evening there for the Twist Off.
What a great day! Some great roads, riding, food, and friends. A Perfect Day!
April 30, 2011 • PhotosRouteSpot

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I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex
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