I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle.

Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex







14 Responses to Welcome

  1. Greg Schmid says:

    Hey Bud,
    Looking for Days 3 & 4. I saw your progress on SpotWalla, but saw no posts. I hope you are OK and still having a great time. Let us know how it’s going. See you on the road… Someday.

  2. {I {hardly says:

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  3. George F says:

    I found your new blog 🙂
    What made you go to WordPress rather than Blogger?

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  5. Gil Hickman says:

    Found ya. Heh Rex, what were those brake light add-ons called? And where did you find them?

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  7. Oh man, this is a fun page, I painted the pic of the US on the back of my helmet, been going to color in the states I have been to on my map, Looks like you are way ahead of the game my friend, I am going to catch up with you sometime. ehehe. Thanks my friend for all your hard work you do to bring all the experiences you do have and share it with us. I appreciate you.

  8. Cliff says:

    I was at Mods vs Rockers last W.E. saw a photographer at strokers taking pics. where can I see them?

  9. Lovely way to explore the beauty of the world.

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