Where In The Hell Is Lone Star Rider?

To alert emergency personnel in the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown, I carry a GPS tracking device from Spot that sends a signal every 10 minutes when activated. Unlike cellphones, It will work just about everywhere.  You can follow the adventures of Lone Star Rider in real time with the help of Spotwalla!

Where The Hell Is Lone Star Rider?

If the Link Above Does Not Work, Click The Link Below!


48 In 48 Starts March 1st, 2023 With Lone Star Rider And Dave’s Crazy-Trailer
View Our Live Route Here: https://new.spotwalla.com/trip/37f6-24f9b1be-ed87/view



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10 Responses to Where In The Hell Is Lone Star Rider?

  1. LOL… looks like a small kid with a blue marker! Looks like in 2001 you rode near where I grew up in WV and now live in VA.

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  2. LOL! Now that you say that it does look like that! Next time I’m in VA We will have to meet up!


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  4. David says:

    My name is David but I’m known as TWTourist on the web. I’ll be in the DFW area Saturday collecting sites for the Grand Tour of Texas. I was hoping to connect with you someplace along the way, if you are available. Do you now where you will be
    Saturday and Sunday?


  5. Kelly Vinton says:

    Hello Rex-
    It’s Monday May 2. I see you’re in North Richland Hills and wondering how long you’re going to be there today? Are you at a specific business or hotel? I’m working on my Grand Tour of Texas contest and would like to try to swing by to get my pic with your trailer if you’ll be there for a few hours…I’d be coming from North Dallas area. Thank you!


  6. Bill Jennings says:

    Are you having a event for the grand tour 2023?


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