South Texas Run Day 3 & 4 Oakland TX • Colorado & Lavaca TX County Courthouse • Columbus & Hallettsville TX • 01-10 & 11-2022

South Texas Run Day 3 & 4 I stopped at Oakland Texas, with some great Texas history.
I wonder down to Colorado Texas County Courthouse in Columbus Texas, which is a beautiful old courthouse. I did not get to see much inside because they had a big case going on and it was going to last for at least a week.
Afterward I made it to the Lavaca Texas County Courthouse in Hallettsville Texas. Christy was nice enough to let me in and take a look inside of the courthouse. The woodwork and architect of this courthouse is absolutely beautiful! I also stopped by the old haunted Lavaca County Jail, which was not open.
I got some dinner at a local restaurant Cabo San Lucas which has some awesome Mexican food, if you’re ever in Hallettsville Texas you need to stop and check this place out.
I found a place to park for the night behind this Gas Station/Truck Stop, Morton’s in Hallettsville Texas. The Walmart which was across the street was small and I didn’t feel comfortable parking there for the night. Morton’s did give me permission to park behind the gas station.
Overall today was an awesome day!

Stephen F. Austin State Park:

Colorado Texas County Courthouse:

War Memorial Museum (The Old Water Tower):

Oakland Texas:,_Colorado_County,_Texas

Lavaca County Courthouse:

Lavaca County Jail:

Cabo San Lucas Hallettsville Texas:

Morton’s in Hallettsville Texas:

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