Seven Questions From Papa Texas 11-01-2016

PAPA Texas Challenge Me On Seven Questions! So Here They Are And Their Links! & http://www.lonestarrider.TV

1st Video iPhone Test • Camping With The Clark Jungle Hammock • Vantage Points

PAPA Texas • Magnum • Dale At Heartland Dual Sport • Bill Goudy

Seven Questions Challenge

1. Why Do I Do YouTube?

  • I started after writing about my trips on my blog and found it easier to just video my trips and post them on youtube so my family could follow me on my trips. I never thought other people would watch them.

2. Where Did My YouTube Name Come From?

  • It Came From My Blog, I Was Born And Raised In Texas and Texas Is The Lone Star State. And I Rider A Motorcycle, So I Put Them Together “Lone Star Rider” I Checked To See If The Domain Name Was Available, It Was Available, So I Bought The Domain And Started Using The Name, Lone Star Rider.

3. How Long Have I Been On YouTube?

  • 7 Years Ago Joined On Aug 31, 2009
  • I Posted My First Video 8 ears Ago On Jun 30, 2010 It Was An iPhone Test Video

4. What Do I Use To Record With?

  • Mostly On My iPhone 6s Plus
  • Sony A6000
  • GoPro 3+
  • Garmin VIRB XE

5. Do I Make My Own Thumbnails?

  • Yes, I Started About A Year Ago And Slowly Up Dating All Of My Videos With Thumbnails.

6. Who Made My Intro/outro?

7. Do You Think You Will Ever Quit YouTube?

  • Not Planning On Quitting, I Love The YouTube Community And The Friends I Have Made And Met On YouTube.

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About Lone Star Rider

I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex
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