Do You Have The Choice To Ride Anytime You Want?

I think this is a great question! Do you have the time or money, to have the freedom to ride to the Grand Canyon, ride up the west coast, or even check out Sturgis, one of the biggest rallies in the country. To do this you have to you basically have a great retirement, tons of vacation piled up and able to use it, have a high paying job that you can take off anytime you want (I have not seen any of those), made a great investment, or be a entrepreneur and own your own your own business.

I have rode to the Grand Canyon (Many Times), up the west coast from San Diego, CA to Oregon, and even check out Sturgis and many other rallies. I have rode to and in almost every state in the USA, Also in Hawaii, and Europe. And I plan on doing a lot more! I would never had been able to do any of that, if I have not started and owned my own business. I have owned a few business in the last 14 year after retiring as a FireFighter/Paramedic. In my opinion being an entrepreneur is the best way to get the time and money to do the things you want in life, it’s the only way to go. And if you are saying I don’t have the talent, skills, money or the time to start my own business, you are just making up excuses! I started my first business with $0.00 dollars and the last one I started was under $500.00 and I’m doing it part time.

Jeff Haden rote this great article on about being an entrepreneur and own your own your own business. Go read it!

I wrote this article, because a friend was complaining that he had no time or money and that he was to old (You Know Who You Are!) to start his own business. I say quit watching the TV, get up off your ass, get busy and start living!

If you want to know how and get started on the path to freedom, give me a call 281-300-4788 or send me an email.

Rex Covington AKA: Lone Star Rider

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About Lone Star Rider

I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex
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