2010 Summer Trip Day 13

My goal today is to end up camping in King Canyon National Park. Left out of my hotel in Bakersfield, California and headed towards the Sequoia National Forest and the Sequoia National Park.

On Hwy 178 was grassy plains with mountains in the background, I stopped fuel in Lake Isabella, CA and topped off my tank. I turned North on Hwy 155 and rode along Lake Isabell into the Sequoia National Forest.

I turned Left on the Kern River Hwy, the Kern river runs along the Kern River Hwy, there are rock mountain on both side shooting up to the skies and it is a great ride!

I stopped for lunch at the Brewer’s Ponderosa Lodge (Photo Above) in Ponderosa, CA. I had the Bacon Ortega Burger and it was good! I met some new friends, Star Riders from Fresno, Ca and Kevin & Denise, it was a pleasure to meet all of you.

I continued North and had to exit out of the Sequoia National Forest Through Springville, CA on Hwy 190 to Hwy 65 and back to the Sequoia National Forest on Hwy 198.

I enter the Sequoia National Park after 30 min., The Sequoia National Park and King Canyon National Park is in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest.

On my way to King Canyon National Park there was road work that held me up for 30 min. After my wait I continued North to King Canyon National Park.

I stopped for Dinner at Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park. It was a good break and a great dinner.

I made it to King Canyon National Park at sunset, I found a near by camping site, put up my hammock in the dark and went to bed.

What a great day!


August 22, 2010 • King Canyon National Park

About Lone Star Rider

I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex
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2 Responses to 2010 Summer Trip Day 13

  1. chessie says:

    Sounds like an almost perfect day. Oh what the hell, any day we ride and camp can only be termed "perfect".


  2. motoroz says:

    Sounds like a great day. I have not ridden in California. It looks and sounds like a great area.


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