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I was looking at my web site to see if I need to do any up dates and I found the Where Is Lone Star Rider page had me marked when I had my motorcycle accident. The site is automatically marked from my Spot Satellite Messenger (Spot).

One of the reason I bought Spot was that it tracks your location and your family and friend can track where you are on a web page and a check in feature to let them know that you are okay.
The other reason is that Spot will request help from friends or family and/or alert Emergency Responders to your location for a 911 emergency when you are out of cell range.
I have been using Spot for almost a year now and it has been by my side on all of my trips and the tracking & check in feature have been working great. On August 3rd 2009 in Death Valley the 5th day if my summer trip I had a blow out on my rear tire and I crashed my motorcycle. After I checked to see if my daughter (Crystal) was okay and I accessed our accident I decided it was time to use Spot and push the 911 button only to find out that Spot was no long clipped to my belt. I did a search and found it in a bush about 20 yards from the motorcycle. I push the 911 button and about 30 minutes later the U.S. Calvary came, well the California Highway Patrol (Chris) and the Death Valley National Park Ranger came to the rescue. They all were great!
Spot cost $99.00, one year subscription $99.00, and $49.99 for tracking. I think the $250.00 is worth every penny and I will never leave on trip without my Spot.
You can buy one at

About Lone Star Rider

I love traveling and seeing new places and making new friends. And the best way to do it is hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the open road. I love that feeling and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Catch Ya On The Road!!! …… Rex
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